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Remedial Investigation

The Remedial Investigation (RI) represents the methodology that most environmental cleanup programs have established for characterizing the nature and extent of risks posed by contaminated sites and for evaluating potential remedial options. The RI serves as the mechanism for collecting data to characterize site conditions; determine the nature of the contaminants and assess risk to human health and the environment.

Aqua Survey extends your capabilities into the water

Aqua Survey, Inc. performs the following services on remedial sites that are in submerged and partially submerged zones:

• On water site visits are performed in appropriate support vessel to familiarize the team with the project.  HD video can be produced of the site visit to aid discussion and familiarize the team with site conditions.
Geophysical surveys such as hydrographic/bathymetric, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, magnetometer, electromagnetic metal detection, surficial sediment grain size characterization and current profiling can be performed to physically define the site.
• Sediment characteristics are obtained through sediment grab sampling, sediment coring and sediment profile imaging
• Water quality is determined by water sampling and water quality monitoring and semi-permeable membrane devices.
• In order to physically, chemically or biologically define a site, fish collection, taxonomy of fish and invertebrates and a benthic survey are performed. 
• Water column toxicity tests, sediment toxicity tests and sediment bioaccumulation potential studies are utilized to profile a site’s toxicity and the potential for organisms exposed to the environment to bioaccumulation contaminants.

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