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Underwater excavation is called dredging. Many times an initial excavation is needed to establish a ship channel within a river or harbor. The periodic dredging that must be done to keep it clear and safe for navigation is called maintenance dredging. Port terminals and boat marinas must remove sediments on a regular basis. Sometimes contaminated sediments must be removed or capped to limit the release of contaminants. Once sediments are dredged from the waterway, they are called dredged material.

Aqua Survey Experience Handles Projects Smoothly

Aqua Survey, Inc. has developed extensive capabilities geared to specifically meeting the needs of clients who need to perform dredging.  These services include:

Bathymetric (hydrographic) surveying to document the existing bottom contours and to calculate the volume of dredged material to be removed.
Water Sampling and Quality Monitoring of the water column can be sampled continually during dredging activities utilizing acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP’s) multi-parameter probes, sampling buoys and other means.
• Geophysical investigations (Side Scan Sonar, Sub-bottom profiling) may be performed as well to better characterize the material to be dredged.
• Markout of submerged or embedded utilities, pipelines, buried debris and Unexploded Ordnance or other military munitions.
• Sediment coring or grab sampling and water column sampling in compliance with a sampling and analysis plan.
Sediment coring to confirm depth of capping materials.
• Amendment of sediment samples for upland placement and beneficial re-use studies.
Laboratory analyses for upland placement or open water disposal of dredged material (physical, chemical and biological).
Electromagnetic detection/screening of offshore sand resources for unexploded bombs (UXO) and munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) in advance of pumping beach renourishment sand to shore.

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