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Cultural Resources

Aqua Survey is here to support marine archeological projects including historic preservation, marine archaeology, landscape architecture and the search for lost treasure.

Aqua Survey is staffed with Scientists and Marine Professionals

Aqua Survey utilizes its vast array of geophysical instruments and our fleet of vessels to support the detection, characterization and precision mapping of cultural resources.  Cultural resources studies are performed to locate and identify submerged artifacts, to investigate circumstances causing the resources to be submerged, to locate resources that need to be avoided during construction and to assist not-for-profit and for-profit marine archaeologists.  The following services are provided to support these studies:

Geophysical studies with side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, magnetometer studies, electromagnetic detection studies and bathymetric surveys
Sediment vibracoring for C14 and grain size analysis
Electromagnetic detection of buried metallic artifacts with benthic sled and diver maneuvered systems

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To Find a Needle in a Haystack You Must Have the Right Plan of Attack, Equipment and Training.

Clients typically have general knowledge where a wreck or debris trail is located.  Often the wreck or artifacts, like bombs (targets of interest) are proud of the bottom, but more often they are buried out of sight.  When searching for a wreck, Aqua Survey designs a survey approach to minimize false positives and false negatives.  Our trained professionals know how to plan and perform efficient surveys, process data critically and to reacquire, investigate and recover targets rapidly. 

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