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Welcome to Aqua Survey

Aqua Survey, Inc. (ASI) is a full service ecotoxicology company founded in 1975. Aqua Survey provides laboratory testing, field sampling, geophysical surveying and consulting
services to a wide variety of clients throughout the world including many of the largest U.S. corporations, internationally recognized environmental consulting firms, and public sector agencies.

Aqua Survey provides services in the following areas:

  • Sediment Vibracoring / On-Water Drilling
  • Benthic Grab Sampling and Taxonomy
  • Toxicity Identification Evaluations
  • Underwater Utility and UXO Markout Surveys
  • Geophysical / Hydrographic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Sampling
  • Sediment Toxicology and Bioaccumulation Studies
  • Wind Farm and Pipeline Placement Support Surveys
  • Research Vessels Chartered

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Request a Quote and get a Coin

Request a Quote and get a Coin

Feb 11, 2019

Submit a request for a quote and receive an Ancient Roman Coin (at least 1,500 years old) as a token of our appreciation.

Aqua Survey supports archaeology, adventure and the exploration of history.  That’s why we’d like to share a small piece of it with you.

No need to do anything special.  Request a quote for our services between 2/11/19 and 3/31/19 and we’ll send you an Ancient Roman coin.